Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The ESP Process

The ESP Cost

The ESP Agreement and Warranty

The ESP Project:

The ESP Effect:

The ESP Process:

What do I need to do to begin the ESP process?

Once a potential client expresses real interest to our trained professional sales representatives, SunView begins the process by conducting an audit analysis of current electrical usage to prepare an ESP option for the client to see the immediate savings after the installation of our retrofitted LED lighting. Because each client’s situation and needs are different, SunView takes the necessary time to work with the client to assure their needs are met completely and their financial concerns are addressed accordingly.

How do I qualify for the ESP?

The SunView audit analysis utilizes the prospective retrofitted area’s current monthly electric usage as well as other information like kilowatt hours and hours of operation. The combined audit information will reveal and determine qualification for the ESP. The qualification process differs for each client because the information used to determine the qualification varies from client to client.

Will the ESP program cover every building on the premise in or at which I change to LED lighting?

The retrofitted process entails all of the buildings and areas involved in the project as planned by the client and SunView’s agreement. Therefore, the ESP will cover all of those included buildings and areas.

Can SunView LED install a pilot project before I commit to do the entire program?

The answer to this is yes and no. SunView will complete the audit analysis with the client in basically two ways. In the first, SunView will present the client with a simple letter of intent that explains the audit, analysis, and ESP details. If the client signs the letter of intent which is a commitment to complete the audit and go forward with the retrofitted project, then a pilot project can be arranged before the entire project is completed. However, if the client does not choose to sign a letter of intent stating commitment to the project, there is a cost for the audit and analysis. Further, because the client is not planning to move forward at that time, no pilot project can be arranged due to not having a firm committed project in place with SunView.

Am I able to see a completed project to ascertain the quality of the lighting before and after?

Our website displays before and after photos of prior retrofitted projects. SunView will gladly arrange a reference with a previous retrofitted project client.

How is SunView’s ESP different from other companies that offer retrofitted LED financial programs?

One of the first main differences is that SunView LED manufactures our own products from standard retrofitted lighting to custom designed LED replacements. Because we have no middle management, distributors, or outsourcing costs, our program STARTS with lower costs than those of our competitors.

Instead of a client financing the retrofitted projects using the high interest rates of standard business improvement loans, SunView can carry the financial cost of the project due to our working arrangements with several major financial institutions. Our ESP alone reflects these savings and gives them directly to our clients.

If a process like ESP is so easy to do, why are not other companies offering the same program?

Other companies do not have the strong financial backing of major financial institutions that SunView has acquired. We are able to create individualized programs for our clients based on our ability to secure the financial resources necessary to address the project costs.

Can SunView LED provide me with some prior customers for reference?

Absolutely, yes. We will be glad to make appropriate referrals to address your inquiries.

The ESP Cost:

How much does the ESP Program cost?

Actually, there is no up front cost for the ESP and the full cost of the project is paid directly from the savings that occur from the LED retrofitted installation.

How is the ESP savings measured for me?

After the audit analysis that uses several pieces of information from the client’s current lighting costs combined with what the cost would be using current LED retrofitted lighting, adding kilowatt hours, as well as hours of use, the results of this combined information provide an individual calculation of savings.

Must I pay in cash or are there financial arrangements from SunView LED to fund my project?

The client does not invest any money. The resources and money for the project are a result of the savings you receive from doing the project and changing from standard lighting to cost efficient LED lighting solutions. The financial advantage is that you pay for the project from the savings due to the installation improvements.

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) for the ESP?

There is no return on your investment, because you do not invest your money for the LED retrofitted or custom lighting solution. The payment for the retrofitted installation comes from the savings you receive due to reduced electricity usage and for the reduction in utility expenses related to electricity usage.

If my project qualifies for the ESP, what can I expect as a percentage of savings?

The audit analysis determines the qualification for the ESP and depending on the lighting usage, most clients see a savings ranging between 50% to 85% less in utility expenses, as well as increases in sales for retail establishments and a more efficient and user friendly working environment within the facility.

What if I already have my fiscal budget in place and do not want to alter it?

You will not be exceeding your fiscal budget. You are not going to use your budget to finance the project, therefore, there is no reason to get approvals from budget committees or alter projected fiscal budgets. The amount of money needed to begin and complete your retrofitted LED lighting installation is already within the parameters of your projected budgetary electric and utilities energy usage costs. You cannot exceed your budget, because you are not paying any up-front or out of pocket expenses. The payment for the project comes from the savings you will receive due to reduced direct electricity use and lower utilities cost related to electricity use. Your itemized budget line items remain the same.

What if I pay in cash for the LED installation project?

The average return on a cash payment investment is typically less than two years. With the installation cost paid in full up front, you will have an immediate monthly decrease in electricity cost and a decrease in the cost of utilities related to electric use. You actually increase your cash flow. In a short time period, you will replace your initial cash outlay and still continue to save money.

What is the ESP aspect of ‘Zero Money Down’ mean?

SunView LED’s ESP allows you to begin your LED lighting solution project, complete the installation, start reaping the multiple layer benefits, and never have any initial out of pocket expenses. For customers trying to find the financial resources to upgrade to LED retrofitted lighting solutions, SunView LED’s ESP is the first and final destination to realize that project completion. There is no initial out of pocket expense. There are zero up-front costs. There is zero money down. The installation is paid from the savings you receive immediately after installation completion due to the reduction of your electricity use, the decreased cost of reduced usage, and the decrease in the cost of utility bills associated with electricity use.

This ESP sounds too good to really be true, tell me why it is really affordable for me?

Simply stated, it is really affordable, because you do not pay for it.

The ESP Agreement and Warranty:

Is my ESP Agreement permanent?

The ESP Agreement lasts for the length or term of the agreement which varies depending upon the arrangements between the client and SunView LED.

What will happen after my ESP Warranty expires?

If you need a new project audit analysis, SunView will be happy to begin another project with you after your original Agreement and Warranty terms expire.

What happens if I need replacement lighting during my Warranty period?

SunView includes in the inventory kept on the client’s premises, two to three percent additional bulbs of each kind used in the project to cover replacement issues. Given the LED bulbs from SunView LED are of the highest quality, they will last much longer than any other bulbs. Most outlive the Warranty periods. However, due to human error, mishandling, or accidental breakage, SunView provides clients with this replacement inventory for up to five years according to the Warranty agreement terms.

What happens if I need replacement lighting after my warranty period?

The client can purchase the required lighting from SunView at the current market rates or go to a provider of their choice. We will always do our best to accommodate our current and former clients with whatever they need.

The ESP Project:

What type of project can be retrofitted?

SunView has no limits on the types of retrofitted lighting necessary to complete a project as we can design anything needed in our Engineering Research and Development Department.

Are interior and exterior lighting projects handled differently?

Yes, there is a difference in the project specifics due to the different needs of the interior and exterior demands. Interior retrofitted projects usually require bulbs only and not fixture replacement, unless there is an absolute need for a replacement fixture or the client desires a custom designed fixture. Exterior projects usually require bulbs and a totally new fixture replacement.

How are and what are the timelines for the completion of retrofitting determined?

An installation schedule will be created based on the execution of the agreement, the needs of the customer, and the anticipated time for the regular and custom designed equipment to be delivered and ready for use. This installation will be scheduled according to the customer’s convenience and be performed as not to disrupt routine daily operations and the ability to fully and safely install the required lighting solution. SunView works closely with the client and the individual specifics of each retrofitting project.

What if I need some custom designed lighting?

Welcome to LED Lighting heaven! SunView LED specializes in custom design lighting solutions for our clients and we deliver from the design specs by our team of Engineering and Research and Development to the manufacturing at the factory, then directly to our client for approval upon final delivery.

How can I assure that the retrofitted lighting will be installed

SunView utilizes the services of only skilled licensed electricians and professionals who are trained by members of our Engineering team to assure compliance and safety in all project installations.

I am busy with my business or organization and do not have time to secure the proper permits and paperwork for this new LED lighting. Does SunView have a way to address this for me?

Because SunView works directly one-on-one with our client, we understand the substantial paperwork that comes with any project for improvement. SunView will process as much of the paperwork that we can which includes the project permits, rebates, incentives and related materials to keep the project moving forward without unnecessary delay. However, in most instances, the utility companies, local municipalities, and other principals of interest require the presence, communication, and signature of the client. Therefore, there are some limits as to what SunView can complete, but we will help our client towards completion of the processes required for the client to finalize the necessary paperwork.

Where is SunView LED actively engaged in retrofitted projects?

Currently, SunView LED works throughout the United States of America, in Asia, and in Europe.

The ESP Effect:

What will be the quality of my new LED lighting?

LED bulbs have 5 times the luminosity and 8 times longer lifespan as compared to traditional bulbs. SunView LED bulbs are of a much higher quality than any of our competitors’ bulbs. The higher the lifespan of the bulb results in a longer the span of available light. This means that our customers save more money over a longer period of time just by choosing our LED bulbs for their retrofitted and custom designed projects. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are not all equal across the industry. SunView is committed to utilizing the highest quality diode technologies in the industry and is always seeking to surpass market expectations. SunView LED bulbs have the lowest temperature, lowest wattage, and highest lumens in the industry. This means that our bulbs do not emit wasted heat, cost less to use, and provide the highest possible light. SunView’s LED lighting has the highest output to assure a long life span which saves our clients money and reduces their overall lighting utility cost.

How long will my new LED lighting solution last?

LEDs are a more stable light source lasting far longer, sometimes 75,000 hours over the CFLs 10,000 maximum hours of lifespan, thus requiring less replacement. 75,000 hours equals 9 years use of 24 hours 7 days a week. SunView LED bulbs use the best diode technology in the market industry and our bulbs have the highest power factor in the industry which provides a lengthy lifespan. This means our LED bulbs will outlast others on the market. Depending on usage, our LEDs can last for 20 years once installed. Replacement and recycling are thereby minimized.

Why is the ESP a clean and green lighting solution?

Through the ESP process, our clients receive professional lighting design projects, increased cash flow, and guaranteed energy savings. In many cases, work performance and sales are measurably increased. This is a win-win situation for all involved. Our clients reduce operating costs, upgrade their facilities with efficient energy saving LED lighting, and provide ecological benefits to their community environment.

LED lighting provides immediate illumination, the bulbs stay cool to touch, they emit far less heat while in use, and they reduce energy usage. The reduced kilowatt hours using just one LED bulb versus a traditional incandescent bulb can reduce hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide emission creating a healthier future environment. There are dozens of clean and green advantages to using LED lighting. Among these are the following:

  • their use avoids carbon emission
  • no extra EPA costs to dispose of toxic bulbs
  • reduces greenhouse gas emission helping to offset global warming
  • have no ultraviolet or infrared radiation emission
  • contain no mercury, cadmium, or lead components
  • made from aluminum and 100% recyclable
  • compliant with ‘International Dark Sky Association’ lighting
  • reduces carbon footprint
  • pose no health hazard in production, installation, maintenance, or disposal
  • emit no extra heat to create excess cooling or heating adjustments
  • are easily retrofitted into existing fixtures costing less for installation
  • avoids wasting 90% of their energy in heat loss as in using traditional bulbs
  • reduces dust and insect accumulation thereby reducing maintenance SunView LED – Energy Savings Program (ESP) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • utilizes a cooler technology which reduces strain on current HVAC units
  • reduces air conditioning expense due to no to low heat from LED bulbs

Over long term use, the reduced energy, replacement, and maintenance costs, as well as the increased ecological and environment benefits, demonstrate that the using LED lighting is not only a wise decision, it is economically the most effective and efficient solution to today’s lighting needs.

Why should I retrofit now to LED Lighting?

The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007, proscribes that the energy use in the USA must be reduced by 25%. Globally, many nations are coming to the same understanding. The commitment to conserve energy, protect national resources, and contribute to the efforts to preserve the global environment can be addressed by changing to the safer, less costly, less energy using LED lighting technology. For many people worldwide, LED lighting will become their only lighting choice as other traditional lighting is no longer being manufactured.

Beyond the environmental reasons, the financial benefits and cost savings for retrofitting are enormous. LED retrofitted and custom designed lighting solutions save money from day one. Changing from traditional incandescent, halogen, or even CFL lighting to LED lighting creates immediate lighting utility expense savings. LED lighting costs less to use. The bulbs do not emit excess heat, or wasted energy, and do not create temperature changes in the environment that place excess strain on heating and air conditioning systems and thus increase their resultant costs. What clients can save monthly, especially over time, is so substantial that it seems only practical to upgrade to LED retrofitted lighting. Why wait to gain the money you could be saving today? Why keep paying more for utility costs when you can reduce those costs immediately? Why keep toxic lighting in place when you can have safe efficient environmentally friendly lighting installed without any up front expense?

Why can I just wait a few years to upgrade to LED lighting?

The answer to this is that you can wait as LED technology is constantly improving. However, the cost for this technology never decreases. With every new improvement, the cost rises considerably. Most technology can claim higher quality over time, but by not switching to LED lighting, you are losing more money over that same amount of time. And, eventually, you will have to select a much higher priced lighting product which will reduce your actual overall savings. Again, why wait to start saving? When you calculate how much money you will lose by waiting for technology to improve and paying for that improvement, your decision to start saving by changing to LED today will seem the best way to address your business or personal lighting needs.

What is the local community impact of the ESP for me and my area?

The SunView ESP process will provide you with the ability to start saving money, improve the environment of your facility or area, utilize a clean and green energy choice, make your community realize you care to commit to a cleaner/greener world, and economically involve local skilled professionals in the work process.

LEDs are environmentally safe to use, dispose, and recycle, because they are made of aluminum and do not contain any toxic elements. There are federal, state, and utilities benefits and/or incentives available for energy conservation

You can increase the value of your business and real estate assets with proven decreased utility costs. You will be able to reduce maintenance costs by eliminating consistent bulb and ballast replacement while producing light without heat, UV, or infrared damage. LEDs can be used in environments without causing damage or deterioration to sensitive objects.

Because LEDs can render true daylight and other lighting color needs, they can also provide enhanced, comfortable lighting for employees and occupants of facility. They can also ensure the health of facility occupants and visitors due to no emission of harmful gasses. Our sophisticated LEDs are programmable as electronic components to create wireless networks for crime prevention, safety, and emergency response situations. Many municipalities are looking into the benefits of retrofitted and custom designed lighting for security and a cost reduction in energy use. This will allow for reduced overall community expenses. By choosing SunView LED lighting solutions, our customers reduce their operating costs, upgrade their facilities with efficient energy saving LED lighting, and provide ecological benefits to their community environment.

Why should I choose SunView LED?

The lumens, wattage, temperature range, and power factors of SunView LED bulbs far surpass any others on the market. Our Engineering, Research, Design, and Testing Laboratories perform their work daily to keep improving our products. We have the factory. We own the manufacturing process. We keep moving ahead with innovative powerful and energy efficient lighting solutions.

We have the highest lumens per wattage, the lowest wattage, the lowest LED light source temperature, and the highest power factor in the Industry. As the sole Manufacturer of our lighting products, we control and correct any problems to obtain the finest lighting technology available. And, finally, we at SunView LED would welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you to address all of your retrofitted and custom LED lighting solutions.