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SunView LED

USA – China – APANET Partnership

SunView LED, LLC was created from the investment, technology, and marketing specialization merger of some of the finest and most experienced people in the lighting industry directing the helm of this partnership decision.  What started as two separate global industrial LED lighting interests ended in the formation of a unique, exclusively customer oriented, efficient design, technological development, and production company.

SunView LED leads the market industry because this equal partnership between China and the USA forms a stable alliance that provides an unparalleled full service organization for LED lighting needs.  After exploratory negotiation meetings between investors and manufacturers, the finest capable factory ownership from China joined with LED lighting knowledgeable investing from USA and decided to finalize a partnership.  This comprises a company with its corporate location in the United States and its research, development, and manufacturing base in China.  The combination provides a direct customized product connection and eliminates outsourcing, distribution, brokers, dealers, and middle managed interests that create time and financial constraints endemic to other LED lighting companies.

SunView LED stands alone in its ability to deliver factory to client customized state of the art technological LED lighting as the client needs, not as the client must accept.  Every single aspect of our client’s need can be handled with professional diligence and research expertise with the unique combination of manufacturer direct corporate contact for all SunView LED clients.  Our ability to create one of a kind LED lighting or to replicate existing lighting into LED facsimile eliminates excessive outsourcing expenses.

SunView LED has their Research and Development team on constant alert for what is optimum in the LED industry.  Therefore, our clients do not need to go to anyone else for the finest technology the market offers.  Because SunView LED maintains its own R&D team of experts, clients pay less for technology that goes immediately from research to market.  We only utilize the best component technology from Japan, Korea, and the United States. We are able to offer our clients the most highly specialized and customized LED lighting in the industry while providing the most technological innovative and cost effective range of new and retrofitted LED applications for an extremely wide range of projects.

SunView LED provides each client with endless possible LED lighting solutions for multi-various projects.  From customized private interior lighting solutions, to retail, hospitality, medical, educational, recreational, security, municipal interior or exterior specifically designed lighting solutions, SunView LED consultants will help you create and resolve your distinct lighting needs.  Our Research and Development team rigorously tests our technologies, parts, and components before we deliver standard or customized design solutions.  Our company standards are certified to ISO 9001-2008 operation level to assure we are providing our clients with the safest high quality standards and efficient comfort in our LED lighting.  Our many certifications and full test standards reflect and meet the objectives and safety requirements for the regions in which we operate and include UL, TUV, SGS, OEM, and Nemko.

SunView LED also offers customers the networking expertise of APANET Green Technology Systems due to our partnership with this innovative and interoperable solution response company.  APANET is a certified member of LonMark International and utilizes the LonWorks control networking technology.  Besides the approved 709.1 standards, LonWorks control networking technology ISO/IEC 14908, Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 is approved by the International Standardization Organization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1) as presented by the US International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) in 2008.   In America, the National Institute of Standards (NIST) recognizes both of the above series of acceptable standards for open system interoperable networking solutions.

SunView LED began with customer service as a basis for partnership and expansion in the LED lighting industry.  No other company can design, facilitate, deliver, or address your LED lighting transition retrofit needs as we can.  We offer the maximum safety and quality, the most technologically innovative, and the best cost effective investment for your LED lighting expense.  Our networking solutions are the finest in the industry.  Our Energy Savings Plan (ESP) can further assist our clients with payment plans.  Our consultants are informed and committed to customized client service and they can provide the utmost for your lighting needs with creative design solutions.  Our LED bulbs have the highest lumens and the lowest wattage in the industry.  Factory direct to client, committed customer service, lowest cost factors, highest market standards, finest industry solutions, why is there any reason to go to anyone else but SunView LED, LLC?